The people behind
our purpose.

The people behind our Purpose.

We work every single day to meet the needs of consumers lacking savings and credit access.
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22%22 percent of the U.S. population is unbanked or underbanked 2019 Federal Reserve study. “Underbanked” is defined as being banked but reported using in the past year an “alternative financial service” such as a money order, check-cashing service, pawnshop loan, auto title loan, payday loan, paycheck advance or tax refund advance
4 in 10 Americans are unable to cover an unexpected expense of $400 or more Federal Reserve Data 2018
man in a crowd man in a crowd
couple cooking dinner Nearly 70%
of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings Statista 2019
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8 in 10 Americans live paycheck to paycheck
Friedman, Zack, “78% of Workers Live Paycheck to Paycheck.”, January 11, 2019
60 million Americans lack access to credit
Americans lack access to credit Hamdani, Kousar, et al. “UNEQUAL ACCESS TO CREDIT The Hidden Impact of Credit Constraints.”, 2019

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